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The infamous San Diego with its warm climate attracts tourists from all over the world. It offers you outlandish tourist spots and Enterprise car rental sfo airport would love to guide you around. It’s a complete package to spark up your vacations with its breezy beaches and exquisite parks but most of all, the variety of food! Pick all the right places to fuel yourself for your vacation. If you’re planning it smart to utilize your holiday wisely, let’s put together a list of the exotic restaurants that you definitely should not miss.

1. Kous Kous-Moroccan Bistro

Probably the highest rated restaurant in San Diego! This Moroccan wonder offers you the perfect venue for a date with its dim and swanky environment. The eclectic music that helps you rock the boat and set the mood just right! They offer both indoor and outdoor seating. The commendable Moroccan cuisines and cocktails are a definite yes to try. The love they put in the food definitely outshines and sets it apart as an experience to enjoy in a pleasurable company.

2. The Lion’s Share

True to its name, this restaurant offers you the food to devour in pleasure. They offer you just the intimate and vibrant dine and drink spot to relish your meal. Their super-creative and unique beverages are without doubt a must-try that complement all the delicious bites to feast on the menu. 

3. Kitchen Del Mar 

Kitchen Del Mar …