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Europe is a huge continent, from the lush pastures of Scotland to the charming ancient ruins of Greece, there is something for everyone in Europe. When traveling to Europe, it turns out that it is really difficult to decide where to travel during your stay.

Eiffel Tower:

The Eiffel Tower is the most famous building in the world and there is no other building that would be constructed similarly to the Eiffel Tower. The height of this tower is 984 feet high and is among the tallest buildings in the world. When visiting Europe, you should see Paris from the Eiffel Tower.


If you love history, Acropolis is one of the most historic places in Europe and you would not want to miss it. Located in Athens, and here you will find places like the Parthenon, which dates from the 5th century BC. Not only can you see ancient ruins and buildings, but also admire the amazing view of Athens.

Roman Coliseum:

The Roman Colosseum is another interesting place in Europe. This great place was once an orchard that could hold up to 55,000 people. This building has a great structure and architecture, although it is not well maintained, it still has a great look that is worth seeing.

Tower Bridge:

Tower Bridge was built in 1894 and since then has been standing on the Thames in London. Strolling along the sidewalk of this bridge, you’ll see breathtaking views of London. In addition, you can also visit the Bridge Machinery Steam Facilities, which give strength to the bridge. It does not matter if you arrive on time at Tower Bridge on time or have breathtaking views at night.

Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British royal family since 1837, and if you do not go to the queen’s house, there is no proper trip around Europe. If you are traveling in August or September, you will be lucky to see rooms in the Baking Palace state.

Big Ben:

Do you know what Big Ben is? It is the world’s largest clock tower and is the most famous place in London; This is one of the most interesting places in Europe. Although it is not open to public tours, it looks spectacular, especially when everything wakes up at night.

Notre-Dame Cathedral:

If you visit France, you must stay in the cathedral of Notre-Dame, people interested in history would prefer to stay in this place because it is full of rich history and a feast for art lovers. Which will be beautifully carved by carved statues, windows, and pillars of well-known artists.

Traveling around Europe can be a great experience, but making a holiday booking is not so easy. The real problem is that there are many great places to visit so it is advisable to car rental, which really can make it very difficult to choose. For those who are looking for a romantic break, there are many cities associated with romance. Paris is seen primarily as a City of Love and certainly creates a terrible place for City Break.